The “right” time

by on March 31, 2011
in Farm Life

One of the benefits of working with people who farm is showing up at the farmhouse at the “right” time.  One the “right times” was last night, when Farmer William was about to slice into a huge bacon slab while their gigantic cast iron pan was heating on the stove next to him.  I was there just to pick up my 10 year old son who had helped with evening chores, but the lure of fresh bacon was too much for me.  As we chatted about the garden and cows and milk and chickens, I invited myself to stay so I could taste some of that deliciousness in front of me. (There was a time in my life when I would have recoiled at the thought of standing in front of so much raw meat. but here I was salivating!  You see, now I knew how important and nourishing real food can and should be, and I also knew how good it can taste!)

Not only did I get a piece of warm, fresh cooked bacon in my mouth, I was sent home with a sample of it so I could share with my husband.   Which is sizzling on the stove as I write this post.   Which inspired me to share on the farm blog.  Because it would be selfish of me to keep this experience of deliciousness all to myself.   That deep smokey flavor derived from : smoking!  Imagine that?  I saw the damp hickory and apple wood smoke spiraling up and around the meat only a few days ago.  Nothing else but smoke?  No extras?  Nope!  I even get to add my own salt, good salt at that.

I saw this pig, I spoke to this pig, my son helped feed this pig.  I knew what conditions in which this animal was raised.   A few years ago, had I met the ‘now’ me, I would have thought myself on the nutty side for even valuing and expressing gratitude for such things.  But I do!  And I guess I am nutty!

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