It’s been a crazy busy week…actually it’s been a crazy busy Spring…and we are so excited for Summer and the first week of our Full-Diet Farm deliveries to start next week!

We’ve been working all week to get all of the office documentation and clarification done, as well as fielding last minute excited sign-ups and a lot of interest generated by the article about the farm in the online Sustainable Business Oregon magazine. You can see it for yourself here:

Susie and I are almost finished with your first and second week delivery documents which I will begin emailing sometime around 3am, which is when I anticipate being finished…or tomorrow morning if I pass out from exhaustion before 3. :) These are just your food planners, edited to reflect your weekly requests, the season, and veggie availability.

Here’s the important info for you:

1. If you are signed up as a custom member your order will be delivered to your drop site. If you are a Full-Diet member we will be delivering to your home, please ensure that you have a location for us to drop at that is out of direct sunlight as much as possible and preferably out of the rain.

2. Here is the delivery day breakdown (Please note THERE ARE CHANGES TO CURRENT DELIVERY ROUTES!):
a. Tuesday delivery will include: NE Portland WEST of 205, Downtown and Inner Porltand areas, Capitol Hill area, NW Portland EAST of 217, Lake Oswego, and Milwaukie.
b. Wednesday delivery will include: Happy Valley, Gladstone, Lents, Parkrose Heights, Gresham, and Oregon City areas
c. Thursday delivery will include Salem, Aumsville, Canby, Silverton and Molalla areas.
d. Friday delivery will include Tigard, Beaverton, Cedar Mills, Hillsboro, Forest Grove, Newburg, and Sherwood areas
If you don’t see your neighborhood listed it’s just because I don’t know what it’s called. I’m still a little new here. :)

3. Our standard delivery times will be different than you are accustomed to. Until we have a better handle on exactly how long each delivery day takes please plan on following us on Twitter @youronlinefarm or waiting until later in the evening to retrieve your deliveries from the drop site. In this vein PLEASE pick up your deliveries in a timely fashion. Our drop site hosts provide a great service for us and for our farm members. Please respect their time and space and pick your deliveries up as soon as you possibly can on delivery day.

4. Remember to login and check your farm balance on your account (log in here: Susie has been adding your full-diet or custom payment amount so you will be able to see what is due. You can send payments via check or by credit card with our online checkout here:

5. On Meats: we will be divvying up your requested meat cuts throughout the year, if you need a specific cut on a specific date please feel free to let us know and we can swap at any time. The meat will come FROZEN and with ice packed around it (hallelujah we found an ice machine!) but please get it into your fridge or freezer as soon as you can.

6. Weekly ordering: Full-Diet Members you will notice that you have “Farmigo Credits” in the subscription area of your account. These credits are what will allow you to order from the webstore weekly without accruing any extra charges to your account. Please feel free to look at what is available and add according to your needs. We have several value added products that we will be listing on the webstore that are actually produced by local, sustainable businesses that we love and want to support, those items will NOT be available for Farmigo credit purchases. They are not farm specific items and so we can’t offer them as part of the Full-Diet membership.

I think that’s it for this evening. Watch your inbox for your scheduled delivery document. If you don’t have it by tomorrow night PLEASE let me know right away.

Thank you so much. You are the reason local food is growing, we are incredibly grateful for your support, your excitement, and your commitment to healthy food and farming practices. You are the reason we are here!

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