Afton Field Farm

Yesterday was fantastic! We drove down to Corvallis and visited Afton Field Farm. What a delightful farm, and what a great family! Tyler and Alicia are amazing, both of them work the farm using their respective strengths to make it thrive, with friends and extended family pitching in. Alicia’s blog sold us on wanting to visit their farm for the monthly guided tour, it’s great to get online and be able to share a little bit of their farm experience with them and it got us salivating to see it in person. If you have the chance to visit you really should.

The combination of the tree lined driveway, the historic house, and sustainable farm make for a memorable and inspiring afternoon. Tyler shared with us the in’s and out’s of his farm model. He interned with Joel Salatin (if you are not familiar with this name you need to do an internet search, buy his books, listen to what the man is saying, and get inspired about local agriculture) at Polyface Farms for a year and is implementing his methods here in Oregon. The food they are raising is wonderful (we were able to get some pasture-raised pork to bring home for dinner – yum!) and just as inspiring is their dedication to helping small-farming make a comeback. They are sharing their knowledge, their inspiration, and their dedication with whomever will listen. I have great hopes for their farm; I think with such great young farmers at the helm it will stand for another 100 years, serving their community with excellent food; raised for flavor, efficiency, and responsibility to the future.

What an asset they are to their community and others who are wanting to really make small family farming successful. They offer guided tours once a month, with question and answer time with them, but you are welcome to go by anytime and say “hi”.

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