Family Movie Night on the Farm

We had the most amazing turn out to our showing of  “Fresh” the movie hosted by the Friends of Family Farmers organization.  There were over 30 people here and a gaggle of children that played on the swing and with an amazing LED hula hoop that one of our farm members invented.  We watched the movie which high-lights the differences in family farming, city farming, and corporate farming in America today.  We ate delicious home grown and homemade treats during our brief intermission.  Jenny “The Seed Lady” Selberg brought micro-greens down from our greenhouses in Oregon City and we ate them with several different kinds of  cream cheese spreads.

I love micro-greens, I got addicted when we were in Paradox, CO buried under 4 feet of icy-cold snow.  William grew them in the windows and it was enough of the taste of Spring and new life to keep us going .

We had a guest farm from up in Carus,  Family 2 Family Farm, come and tell us about their farm, what led them to farming, and what it is providing for themselves, their families, and for their community.  Here’s their link, you should really check them out  They offer a beautiful selection of greens from their garden, wonderful pasture-fed poultry, and a very holistic farm experience.  It makes you happy just to visit their farm and feel their love for the land and their families.

It was a fantastic evening…and I didn’t get one single picture.

I suppose it’s a testament to the fact that I was visiting and enjoying the evening rather than taking pictures of it, but now I’m wishing I had, especially that hula hoop!  It really was cool, the lights flashed faster when the little girls really got it spinning, and they changed colors with the speed of the rotation as well.  I don’t know how Seth did it, but I swear that guy is a genius.

We all sat in an old Army surplus type tent that Wade and Kristie Olsen (aka Apprentice Farmers, Genius Handy-Man, and the Healthy Treat Queen) and watched the movie on a homemade screen that Wade (Genius Handy-Man really doesn’t do him justice!) had created from old sheets and Two-by-Four’s.  It was a great screen and the movie looked fantastic.  Everyone asked when we were doing another movie night so we decided to make it a part of the farm’s monthly line up.  We already do our farm tours on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month.  We decided we’ll do Family Movie Night on the Farm every 3rd Friday evening at 6:30 p.m.  and show a variety of agriculture related films.

Does anyone know any local film makers out there who may be interested in sharing their work?  We’d love to share some of the great things that are happening in our local agriculture community.  And so much is happening.  Have you had a chance to drive on some back roads around Portland this month?  The berry brambles are covered in Marion berries and raspberries.  The Strawberry plants are loaded with big, juicy fruits that are so full of Summer goodness they burst in your mouth at the first bite.  Our neighboring farms here in the Molalla and Mulino areas are planting corn, cabbage, and broccoli.  Everyone is so happy to see the sunshine.

We made use of the sunshine ourselves and planted the rest of the garden space that we couldn’t get into when it was so wet.  It was over  2 acres worth of crops.  My legs are really feeling the burn of what I dubbed “The squash squats”.

I’m  thinking  that form of exercise will really catch on, at least in gardening circles.