Recipe Sharing!

by on August 2, 2012
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I was driving home from my kiddos play performance tonight and I heard the bing-bing of my cell phone alerting me to a new text.   The car in front of me was going 35 in a 55, so I was figured I was driving slow enough to check it out.   I read the text and cheered out loud! It read something to the effect of “dinner success!…”

If you are a newish farm member trying to shift your paradigm toward eating what is fresh and in season (or for anyone in this day and age where instant-this and convenient-that is always at eye-level) a successful dinner truly made from farm-to-table ingredients is always fantastic news!  She shared with me the details of her culinary conquest, having created a meal for her large family from her full-diet farm membership food.  Also saying that it would be helpful to post recipes somewhere and get ideas from other farm members.

After looking through some options, I realized Vernie has beat us to the chase and set that up already!  yay!

C’est Naturelle Farms Message Board

You will find a recipe sharing folder under the “General Board” link.   There is an awesome recipe for kale chips and steak marinade already there.  Way to go!

Have fun, and share what you have come up with!