Happy 15th Anniversary

by on April 22, 2010
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It’s our (William and Vernie’s) 15th Anniversary today! And we have been farming the whole time, in fact I’ll have to relate to you the story of our 1st Anniversary…

April 22, 1996
William and I were living in a tiny (and I mean REALLY TINY! It made an apartment look humongous!) rental house just up the road from the DeMille Family Farm in Allendale, MO. We were raising milk goats, chickens, turkeys, lots of veggies, and hay which we mowed, raked, and hauled loose with three HUGE draft horses named Jim, John, and Gray. We did all our farming with horses back then and we loved it. William would hitch up the team to the plow and work for as long as they all were able, then he’d bring them in, hose them down and brush them off and send them out to pasture. I love draft animals, ours had the most wonderful temperment. William could stand in the barn, call them up to him and it didn’t matter how far away they were they would come running up to him. I loved to stand next to him when he’d call, draft horses don’t just move when they come running, they move the Earth. They would get halfway up the field and we’d feel the ground start to shake underneath us. They would run right up to us, William loved them and they loved him right back, they never shied away from him or refused to come. He called and they always came. Man, I miss those horses. He plowed, disced, harrowed, planted, mowed, raked, and hauled with those big boys. They were a true team.

The beautiful thing about farming with horses is the amazing amount of organic fertilizer you get as a by-product. We shoveled more horse manure in our years on that farm than most people ever imagine seeing. Draft horses eat a lot, and therefore are top-notch manure makers. William’s family had an old John Deere pull-type manure spreader that they had been using on their farm in Hurricane, Utah for years. We would fill that thing up to the brim with the good stuff and William and the team would drive it out to the fields. Most often we would put the manure directly on the pasture or on fields that were being fallowed for future crop production. I loved to watch, it was just so funny! William would pull up so that the back of the manure spreader was at the edge of the field, shift the gear on the wagon, snap the lines for Jim and John and they’d take off at a fast trot. Wow, you should have a chance at least once in your life to see that recycled grass fly! It would shoot out in an arc twenty feet high and twenty feet out to the sides, just flipping and flying all over the place. It’s definitely something you want to watch from a distance. William told me that he and his brothers were hauling manure home from their field in Hurricane through the middle of town right after doing their early morning chores and one of them accidentally switched the spreader on. They claim they didn’t realize it was on until they got home and saw the spreader was empty. They went back down to main street and saw that it was covered with manure, right up to the front doors of several homes and businesses. I really wonder at the “accidental” part of this, three teenage boys, a wagon full of horse poo, and a dark and sleepy city street…riiight.

So there we were on April 22 1996, our first anniversary, still existing in that first blush of marital bliss. We didn’t enjoy anyone’s company as much as our own, and had everything we needed to survive wrapped up in each other. We did our chores, I made a special meal and William said “Hey, I know what we can do.” I was thinking, “Oh wow, maybe we’ll do something really out of the ordinary, like go see a movie, or go out to eat.” But no. He said “Let’s go haul manure!” I think I said something along the lines of “You’re kidding, right?” Nope, he wasn’t kidding. It’s William, he hardly ever kids. So we hauled manure until evening, holding hands while the poo flew. It was actually, though you might not believe me, fun…ahh, young love.


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    Jill DeMille Albin says:

    I really enjoyed reading about the team of horse’s, it take’s me back to Hurricane and the farm. My Dad, Uncle Elwin to Will is Uncle Raymond’s brother. William, my Dad loved and had so much admiration for you. You were such a help to him.
    I am so glad I found your blog, I will continue to read more.
    Jill DeMille Albin