Laying Hens Are Here

by on April 24, 2010
in Poultry

Oh how exciting! We brought home 31 laying hens yesterday from a cute little homestead. The four E’s (that’s Ezekiel, Ephraim, Enoch, and Esther) went with me and had a marvelous time catching them and crating them for transport. While we were gone William built the chicken version of Buckingham Palace out in the barn. There’s a three level nest box with 18 laying spaces, walkways, ladders, a roost, and lots of space for our pretty birds. They adjusted well, and our one lone rooster in the henhouse was gleefully crowing by yesterday evening while the biddies pecked around and laid claim to their own spot. I absolutely can’t wait to gather fresh eggs! Marilla and Amie are going to have fun taking turns with the egg basket as well, in fact I think I need to find a good wicker egg basket…hmm…it looks like I’ll be antiquing a little bit today! I’m going to see how many eggs we get over the next few days and then I’ll be adding the pasture raised eggs to our purchasing options.

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