Tips for navigating on the Full-diet

The first official week of the Full-Diet membership plan is nearly complete!   We all survived, including you!  As we have prepared and sent out the bags of amazing, fresh food we have noticed a few things.

Remember when you filled out that long, involved document delineating your preferences for your weekly eating?  We notice that those that have a wide range of items selected have FULL, BRIMMING bags of food!  It is a thing to behold!  While others’ bags have had relatively few things.  The garden is overflowing with luscious, nourishing food.  We encourage all of you to check out the webstore each week and add more available veggies into your basket for delivery.   This will vary week to week as we move through the seasons.  Everything that grows in the garden is included in your full-diet membership, whether you originally signed up for it or not, at no extra charge.   For example, if you did not mark micro-greens and you’d like some, and you see it listed on the webstore, go ahead and add it to your order that week! If you have company coming and you need a few more zucchinis to complete your shiskabobs, and they are listed on the webstore, add them to your order!   It will show up on our harvest list, and then in your bag, and finally at your door!  Those brimming bags I mentioned earlier?  You can have one, too!

So to recap, check in with the webstore weekly and feel free to add something into your delivery.  You may be surprised how delicious fresh kale is when sauteed in garlic and butter.  Or mustard spinach added to a hearty soup or as a lovely accent to your turkey sandwich.   Do a little research on green smoothies and you may just need that bag of spinach.

We appreciate all the patience you have given as we tackle all the ins and outs of the full-diet plan.  For the farmer side of things it is quite hectic.  But worth it!  We are so excited about this new way of truly getting farm-to-table happening!
Stay tuned for more tips!

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